Care Improvement Plus or CIP

Care Improvement Plus or CIP has a special needs policy for people suffering with Diabetes and/or Heart Failure, COPD, emphysema If an individual has Part A and B of Original Medicare and have either diabetes and/or heart failure or COPD/emphasema they automatically qualify for the Special Needs policy. Currently CIP has a zero -0- monthly premium policy. For 2013, all CIP’s plans in the states Georgia and South Carolina are a zero cost to the medicare recipient or CIP member. This is only available to people with these certain conditions. Special services are available to them through this plan. For example: A nurse practitioner or physician’s home interview. Once a person has enrolled in this plan a licensed professional will visit at the member’s home. During this visit they will discuss with the member their medications, dietary plans. This visit is to help determine any medical challenges and to help avoid future hospital stays. Also the licensed professional will share with the member assistance programs that available to them. These assistance programs could help with the cost of medications or other medical services. Care Improvement Plus offers a plan for people who do not have special needs. The cost of the plan is also a zero $0 monthly premium. All CIP plans offer dental, vision and hearing benefits. These benefits will not cover all expenses incurred, please find more information available in the CIP Summary Benefits.