Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Part C – also known as Medicare Advantage – are plans that are purchased through private insurance companies. They are approved by Medicare and most Medicare Advantage plans are treated like managed care plans. 
It is required that Medicare Advantage plans provide the same services and benefits as “Original Medicare,” also known as Medicare Parts A and B. Accordingly, an enrollee in a Medicare Advantage plan will not need an enrollment in Medicare Part A or B.

Joining Medicare Advantage?

When an individual joins a Medicare Advantage plan, they enjoy all of their Medicare Parts A and B coverage. They also enjoy other services, for example, urgent care and emergency coverage. Medicare Advantage plans typically provide other benefits over those benefits provided by Original Medicare. Such additional benefits may include dental, wellness programs, or vision benefits.
These plans are offered by private insurers. As a result, each Medicare Advantage plan might have different rules regarding how their enrollees can obtain services. For example, an enrollee may require a referral in order to see a specialist. Plan providers may also change their coverage rules each year.

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