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Zip Codes and Other Factors That Affect Medicare Supplements Prices

Did you know that ALL Medicare Supplements are ‘standardized’ by the government? No matter what plan you choose-A,B,C,D,F,G,K,M or N; they are all the same when it comes to their level of benefits and coverage. Case in point, all Medicare Plan F Supplements companies have the same benefits. The only difference is COST!! This is why price so important to seniors. After you have chosen the plan coverage, affordability is the only remaining factor.

Did you know that doing the math before you decide on a Medicare Supplement Company can save you several hundreds to thousands of dollars annually?

When shopping for a Medicare Supplement Company, there are 4 factors that will influence the price:

1. Tobacco Use – Most often tobacco users pay an increased amount. Each company determines these amounts differently.
For example:
South Carolina – GPM Life Medicare Supplement Plan F premiums:
Male 65 tobacco user- $183.00 monthly
Male 65 non tobacco user-$123.11 monthly

2. Your Location -. Often times where you live can cost you more or less in premium.
For example:
South Carolina-GPM Life Medicare Supplement Plan F premiums:
Male 65 non-tobacco user in zip codes starting with 290-293, 296 and 297
is $111.92 monthly
Male 65 non-tobacco user in zip codes starting with 294-295, 298-299 is
$123.11 monthly

3. Your Size – Height and weight can also play a role in overall cost.
For example:
South Carolina- GPM Life- Medicare Supplement Plan F premium:
Male 65 height 6’0- with zip code 29526
STANDARD weight of 126-228 monthly premium $123.11
10% increase for under-weight 111-125 monthly premium $135.42
10% increase for weight 229-265 monthly premium $135.42
20% increase for weight 266-302 monthly premium $183.00

4. The Medicare Insurance Company – Despite that fact that the plans are standardized so all must offer the same amount of coverage, prices can vary wildly between companies. We have seen a Medicare Supplement Plan F from one company cost over $100 more than the same Plan F from a leading competitor.

Although, these are just examples and may not reflect your particular situation it is important to consider these factors. So as you begin your research into Medicare Supplement plans remember that price can often influence your decision.

Prices listed were actual insurance quotes from 04/2011, these prices may no longer be accurate. Please contact us for an updated medicare insurance quote.