Medicare Supplements (Medigap)

Many people have knowledge about Medicare, however, most people are not aware that enrollees are required to pay for uncovered expenses like coinsurance or deductibles.
Medicare provides some coverage for hospitalization or health care but it leaves a certain amount of “gaps” which mean out-of-pocket expenses for enrollees.  In truth, government coverage is affordable and beneficial, however, it only tends to cover around 80% of your medical expenses. Often, these hidden charges can be overwhelming – causing financial hardship or putting some services out of reach.
In these situations, Medicare Supplement Coverage – also known as Medigap – is a huge benefit. Such plans are structured to fill in those “gaps” left by Medicare. This gap coverage has saved policyholders thousands of dollars a year.
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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Finding the right Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan to fit your medical and financial needs can be a needle in a haystack. The best thing to do is to speak with an insurance agent about the types of plans. Medicare Supplement plans are priced in the following ways:

Attained Age Rated: These plans are based on the age you were when you first purchased your policy and costs can increase as you get older.

Community No Age Rated: These plans are not discriminatory of age, all premium costs are the same, no matter how old.

Issue Age Rated: These plans are based on when you first enrolled for your policy. The younger you applied, the lower your premium will be.

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